Ios game crash when browsing items

  1. A crash, but no error message, so maybe you’d call it a bug

  2. Lately the game crashes (ends and returns to home screen, no error msg) whenever i try to browse items-> artifacts. Didnt happen earlier. Now lvl 13, recently payed for the game. Unsure if it happened before i payed.

  3. Ios, iphone 4s

  4. 1.0.8

  5. I would guess it’s either an issue after many items in the list, OR maybe something related to paying for the game.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll try to get my hands on an iPhone 4s and try to figure out a solution ASAP.

Crash no longer happening. I got the blacksmith and got rid if many unused items, but i csn of course not say if that is the reason it no longer crashes.

Just curious: were you running any other apps in the background while you were playing the game before? Some people have reported that it crashes if they’re also listening to a podcast or music at the same time, which probably causes your phone to run out of memory and shut the game down.

Dont think so, certainly no music or similar, possibly a browser window