ios game save gone


  1. I didnt screenshot the error msg - it had the headline Siralim, then a lot of gibberish, and an OK button. The word error wasnt in there, but in hindsight i assume it was an error.

  2. I was at the enchanter, started a new legendary ritual, and while looking at my artifacts considered using a duplicate artifact a BUG gave me when enchanting legendary yesterday, but opted not to. I webt back to the war room, clicked the teleporter (the one i create myself). Load screen. Then the message mentioned above (Siralim followed by gibberish and an Ok button), i clicked Ok, message disappeared, maybe ten seconds later game crashed. i restarted the game and my save was gone. I had 2 saves, ine at level 2 and this at level 57 or so.

  3. Ios

  4. 1.0.9

  5. Played several hours since updating to new version. Also seen the dupe artifact before with no problems. Still assume it is related to dupe, possibly in combination with new game version.

I’d imagine this is due to the dupe method. Is your device jailbroken? If so, there’s a way to get the save file back. Please let me know and we’ll proceed from there.

At any rate, I’m very sorry this happened. In the future, it’d be a huge help if you could take a screenshot of the error message so that I can ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Not jailbroken.
Unsure how the dupe artifact happened btw, but what happened was that after starting legendary ritual my artifact immefiately got the legendary effect (immolate) and when the ritual was done i got another copy.

The error message looked like the signs were very similar/the same, but not 100% sure. If it would happen again i’ll screenshot.

Something like this: