iOS On-Screen Controls display and adjustment error

  1. Bug

  2. The on-screen d-pad and buttons appear too far down on the screen, with the bottoms of both being cut off. While the game allows you to adjust this to remedy the issue, attempting to move either control object throws off its touch areas- for instance, if I were to adjust the d-pad’s position upwards, the “up” arrow’s touch event would only activate if I were to touch the arrow’s original position.

The same is true for moving objects horizontally, and the same behavior is exhibited by the A and B button controls.

  1. iOS 8.1.3


  1. A screenshot showing the initial display issue is available here:
    It could be an issue with the game trying to display in another resolution. I am playing the game on an iPad 4.

Try moving the buttons, then save and restart the game and see if the touch regions change to the way they’re supposed to be.

This worked. Thanks.