iOS Palette fusion issue

When fusing creatures on iOS the color palette does not change after fusion, it doesn’t even show up in the preview

What phone/ipad are you using?

iPad 7

It might just be a iPad 7 issue as when I play on an iPhone 13 I see the palettes as intended

The fusion palette issue is present for me as well. I play on iPad Pro (2nd version). So maybe this is just an iPad issue?

I’m playing on iPhone X and I wondered why all the fusion palette options weren’t showing up. My fusion options were all the same.

I’m using an iPhone X myself and the palettes are showing up for me, so that’s strange. I’ll look into it!

Thanks! That’s strange. Here’s a photo in case it helps.

I tried with many different creatures and the only time it looked different is when I would select two of the same. And any monster would have similar changes even though we couldn’t do the fusion.

A question to everyone experiencing this bug:

If you start the game, load your save file, head directly to the fusion station, and use the “Colorize” option, do the palettes appear correctly? It’s important not to do anything else before these steps, including opening the menu or anything like that.

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When I follow those steps, all of my options look the same, which is the original color I believe.

I also turned my iPhone X on and off again to see if that fixed it. No luck. Guess I can also try to upload my save to the cloud and reinstall the game. Maybe that would fix it?

I don’t think reinstalling will help, but if you could upload your save file to the cloud and send me your cloud ID I’d appreciate it! I doubt it’s save file-specific but I just want to make sure.

Sure thing. I went ahead and used the same ID on my iPad Pro and the palette looks normal on there. Then reinstalled and downloaded save on my iPhone X and it still only showed the same colors. So weird.

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I’m having the issue too. My iOS save was originally ported from the steam version of the game, so perhaps the issue is related to porting cloud saves between different platforms?

I haven’t tested to see if the color palettes work by moving the save back onto Steam yet.

I don’t believe it’s related to save files or anything like that, it just seems to be random from person to person. While I haven’t managed to reproduce the issue on any of my test devices, I do have an idea about what could be wrong, so I’m in the process of building a patch which I’ll submit to Apple later tonight. Hopefully, it’ll be released tomorrow and we can see if it fixes the issue for everyone.

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After the latest patch, the issue is still present for me at least. I’ve not fused any creatures yet so cannot try the colorize option you mentioned before.

iPad Pro, 2nd generation.

Thanks for confirming. I just purchased a few iPads and different iPhones so I can try to reproduce the issue on my end, and then hopefully come up with a fix.

In the meantime, I have one other idea that could solve the issue, so I’ll release another update in the coming days and it might just solve the problem on its own.

Sorry for the delay on this!


Yeah, same for me. Just checked my fused creature and attempted to fuse a new one and the palette is all the same. Thanks for taking the time to try to squash this little bug. I’m looking forward to seeing all those fun colors!

The new patch got released today for iOS. The bug is still there. Just wanted you to know. Thank you for your hard work.

iPad Pro, 2nd generation.

Just wanted to confirm that the bug is still present today. Started a brand new save on my iPad Pro and color palette doesnt seem to be working.

Thanks for the amazing game Zack :slight_smile: