iOS Patch

Hi there, i just got this game 2 weeks ago, got to lvl 15, bought the game, then i saw 2.0 was about to be released and would change a lot of stuff, so i decided to wait until playing the game…
Im curious though, reading the announcement i see that 2.0 was already on its way for iOS, the verification process seems to be taking a huge time… Anything happened ? Can we expect the release soon ? :slight_smile:

BTW even though i didnt play much i can see the amount of effort put into this game, good job thylacine studios =D

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to know for sure when it will be released since it’s all in Apple’s hands. However, the average wait time appears to be about 7 days, so it should be released tomorrow.

All righty !

Thank you very much for the quick answer, i really appreciate it and i am looking forward to it !

I am a huge DQ and old school RPGs fan, your game is right up my alley, hoping you stay in game development for a good while :slight_smile: