Ios problem

I paid for this app but since the update tonight when I try to use the cloud feature it is telling me I have to purchase the app.
I have tried re-installing the app with no luck.

Try to buy the game again - after you enter your password, a message from Apple will appear that tells you that you already purchased the app before and it’ll restore your purchase. Then you should be able to use the cloud features.

Make sure the device is the one you purchased the game on.
If you purchased the iPad version then the only game you will get on your iPhone is the free version which will not allow you to use the Cloud feature.

Thanks for replies. Yes, I “bought” the game again and it seems to work ok now. Only problem is I have changed my cloud ID on ipad to the same as on PC, exported my save game to the cloud (PC) accessed the cloud to import on my ipad but the saved game is not the same one. I have a level 15 nature mage on my pc and a level 1 chaos mage in the cloud… Help !!!

Trying to get this sorted out now. It looks like iDevices aren’t importing the save files properly, or at least not reading them properly. Sorry about that.

Thanks for that Zack. These things will happen… :wink:

It looks like this isn’t something I can fix server-side, so I’ll have to release a new update to fix the problem. I’ll try to get Apple to prioritize this update so that it doesn’t take as long as normal for it to be released. Again, I’m very sorry about the inconvenience!

I might have a similar problem. Transfering to the cloud between ios and pc works fine, but transfering back from pc to ios results in a save file reading “KING- Level 1 Mage - Time played 0:00:00”

I wouldn’t consider this a priority, but if enough people are having this problem it might be something to look in to. Thanks!

Thanks Zack. Just had the update and it is all working now. Great work…