iOS Screen Size

I downloaded the 2.0.0 version last night, and when I went into the game it seemed very zoomed out compared to what it was before I updated. I checked the display settings, and it was set to the normal 2x zoom. I tried the 1x zoom, and it was way too close. I thought maybe something got messed up with the update, so I backed up my save, deleted the app, and reinstalled. The zoom is still too far away (and grainy looking). Not sure if this is a bug or not, or if this the new default zoom. If it is the new default, can you please change it back or give us an option? Thanks!

This is on an iPhone 6, by the way.

Can you try zooming in to 4x? That’s what I use on my iPhone and it seems to be the best option.

Yeah I did that, but it feels too close. I feel like the original default zoom was somewhere between 2x and 4x. Am I going crazy or did you fiddle with the zoom at some point? I took a break from the game for a few months for work stuff, and wanted to get back into the game with the expansion! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

I was just getting used to this zoom level (I know, I was complaining about something small), but then you drop this bombshell!

“- Added a “Zoom: 3x” option to the zoom menu. Note that this option might cause graphical artifacts on some devices.”

I am uber eager to try this out! Thank you so very much! =)