iOS v1.3.8 - Exporting to Cloud Causes Inventory Loss

Every time I export to cloud (or “save & restart”), I lose most of my artifacts, spell gems, cores, materials, miscellaneous, etc. and some of them become negative values. Negative value shown in screenshot.

Do you still lose items if you export to the cloud on a fresh start of the game? That is, without saving/restarting first? Just trying to narrow down the problem to see if the “Save & Restart” option is at fault here.

Hard to tell with the secondary bug that I’ve mentioned on your FB page (before I knew the forums existed). I was exporting to the cloud often because the game would erase my save spot when the app restarted. Since that just happened again and I imported the most recent save file I had, most of my inventory is gone, though I’m seeing no negative values. Will try to see if I can get an export to work without my game being erased beforehand.

Hoping this can be fixed because the choice between losing major game progress or the majority of my inventory sucks.

Found the problem! I’ll have a fix out very soon.

The issue stems from the input box that appears when you name your creatures, write notes, etc. If you enter a character that is greater than 1 byte (which is very uncommon for most users), there’s a chance that your save file will become corrupted.

Awesome. Thank you for that. Did that solve both issues at once?

Yes, it should fix all the save/load-related issues you’ve been having.