IOS version. Game Freezes when you get called! :(

So this one is annoying as ever! Also first post to fourms lol. ios version version 2.0.2 … I am playing and suddenly dummy calls me regardless decline or answer… going back to the game during a battle the battle goes very slow and once you kill something the game totally freezes up!

So now any unsaved data is lost thanks to a person interupting by calling you while in a battle. Is it possible to fix that? Auto save or something? lol

Oh nice… because I was in the daily realm that A** hat random caller ruined that for me and now I have to wait tomorrow to try it again and that was my first ever daily to try. ugh :frowning:

What kind of phone do you have? If it’s an iPhone 6, that’ll be fixed as soon as the new update is out.

iphone 5s :slight_smile: On another note I also wanted to point out the consumables that grant 100% bonus resource on next battle are not working. I will get 300-350 of each and when I use any of the resource boosts its still 300-350. However the shrine granted 100% bonus resource for realm and that is working making everything 600+ … has this been something mentioned before? Sorry if it has.

That is likely an issue with the operating system then, unfortunately. This is apparently a fairly common issue, so hopefully it will get fixed in an iOS patch.

You’re right about the resource consumables - they’re only granting about 15-20% bonus when it should be 100%.