iPad MFi / Wireless Controller Support?

Hi Siralim developers, I’m a person who likes your game a lot. One feature I think would be way awesome is MFi support for devices from steel series et all. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Hi, welcome to our forum!

Have you tried using this particular gamepad with Siralim yet? We currently offer as much support for gamepads as our engine allows us to, so unfortunately if it’s not working now then it will probably be awhile before it will work. :frowning:

Oof, that’s sad to hear. I just got a SteelSeries Stratus and its a handy litttle thing. Wayward Souls plays great with it. I’m running iOS 8.1. Would upgrading have any realistic chance of helping? Not looking to take the time just yet otherwise

Also a bummer because I am noticing the controller light turn on when I open Siralim. But its totally unresponsive. Anyways, if you ever happen to find yourself within testing distance of a steel series stratus, please maybe take a glance.


It’s a shame support is varied - i thought the whole idea for Apple’s MFI API is for a dev to hook into it and iOS in turn to hook into the controller!

I’d blame Apple for this!

Looking forward to the “virtual controls” feature so I can hide the buttons!