iPad mini 1st generation crash on first battle

I downloaded the app from the ios store this morning in my iPad mini 1st generation running iOS 9.3.4.
As I started the game, I noticed it would unavodably crash either at the first teleporter or before starting the first battle.
Checking through the forums, I noticed that the game would only run on devices with 1+GB RAM, therefore, my device is not supported. As you may already know, this issue is not stated in the app store, as it does not state a list of supported devices, only noting that it runs on iOS 5+ (even though surely almost no device running that version of iOS should be able to run the app).
I tried asking for a refund through Apple Support, but it most likely will not achieve anything since I am from Chile, and it is known that out of Europe, refunds are exceptional.
I hope you correct this issue in the App Description on the App Store, so this will not keep happening.
I will not write a bad review about the app on the app store, since 1) I have not played the game, and 2) it actually looks pretty good. It is a pity that it seems I will not be able to play it.

The game requires 1GB RAM, so you can’t run it on your device. The description on the App Store doesn’t mention this yet because Apple has been rejecting this game’s updates for weeks for no apparent reason.