Is anyone else really enjoying the Lore?

Because I am!
I know the game isn’t really heavy on story but I thoroughly enjoy finding out little bits and pieces reading through the lore in the Beastiary.
I’m not going to give away spoilers in case others want to find out for themselves but I was reading about Satyrs and that lead to reading about Inquisitors in which I found out about a god that was code named Morning Star before he became a god.

Just wondering if anyone else is enjoying the lore?

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Wouldn’t it be neat if some of the Dwarf riddles required you to actually read the lore pieces? I had totally forgotten about that part in the bestiary, but now that you mentioned it maybe I’ll peruse some myself.

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I’m all for the Lore Dwarf idea, could be a fun minigame with tons of questions to ask. Or maybe just another dwarf NPC we can obtain resources from. This would likely need varying tiers of difficulty from basic stuff like what class is X creature, to insanely niche stuff relating to specific monster codex entries haha. Maybe could lock cool cosmetics behind it too such as a gold quiz trophy, the dwarf as a costume, potentially achievements.

I read all about the Pilwiz Race and all the Hemomancer Race, where I learned the “original” names of Mortem and Tenebris.

Still don’t fully understand how they become Gods, though… Or the events mentioned in that lore, so maybe I just haven’t read enough.