Is Castle Upgrade required for Orbs to drop?

I started a new game and I am playing for the first time without Castle Quests.

I am trying to figure out if I should build the Orb Activation Castle Upgrade as soon as possible, or if I should just wait until an Orb drops and then worry about building the upgrade.

I am not 100% sure, but I believe that with Castle Quests active, that you will never see an Orb drop until you get to the Nether Creature questline in the Castle Quests.

However, without Castle quests, will Orbs just start dropping automatically as I go deeper or do I need to do something proactive (like building the Orb Activation Castle Upgrade) in order to make it possible for an Orb to drop?

If I remember correctly, I got a nether orb before I got to the quest chain about creating one while playing with castle quests.

In the no-castle quests mode, nothing is locked exept by character level, so I think you are able to get nether orbs, imbued nether orbs, demon dusts and everything else, even from your first realm 1. ^^

Respwner is most likely correct, however, it did feel that I didn’t get gems until I got the gem temple and didn’t get orbs till I got the orb activator, even on my no castle quest play. So if you feel like they aren’t dropping, your concern is most likely correct.