Is Heaven Breaker strictly better than Greater Inscription of Splash?

Heaven Breaker gives splash to the creature and all surrounding it, but the inscription only gives it to one creature. Yet they’re both legendary materials. There’s nothing wrong per se with having one legendary material as a strict upgrade to another, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it happen in the 242 abilities I’ve discovered so far.

Yes, pretty much all the Greater Inscriptions have better alternatives. It’s been brought up before. I always thought that up to 2 or 3 Greater Inscriptions should be allowed on an item, which would make them potentially useful. Right now, I’m not sure I’d even bother with most of the Greater Inscriptions even as a very first legendary enchantment, because the 10k cost is too high to make it useful.

One Greater Inscription mat I find very useful is the one for taunting. Back in the day Thunderstruck Phoenix with Taunt equaled Automatic Win in the funniest way possible. It worked very well with creatures with who had useful On-Death Abilities. I liked using the taunt inscription on Necropolis coupled with a Witchdoctor Sacrificer back in the old versions.

For current versions this would go great on Alcazar with buffed up HP and Defense on his artifact. The creature starts out with taunt so provoking is not needed (and is NOT stuffed by Frenzy Ghoul). The only drawback to these Greater Inscription items is that once a creature falls in battle and is brought back to life, it loses the greater inscription buff. I currently am not running the most up to date version of Siralim, so I am not sure if these setups/mechanics still apply.

Well, the Stronghold’s material was always just as good or better (you didn’t lose it on death). Now it’s certainly better since you don’t lose the defense while provoking, which you have to. Even if you have the Taunt buff, it only works while provoking now.

All Greater Inscriptions are eclipsed by a creature ability that is strictly better. There are Inscriptions that grant effects that cannot be easily duplicated or at all (Arcane / Magic / Proficient) but none Greater.

Okay, cool. Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something. Time to go transmute a few of those.