Is it a bad idea to summon paragons?

I’m mainly thinking is if they will be similar to other special summons where you will start to encounter them in the wild, giving enemy creatures the potential boosts.

You will not encounter paragorns no matter what the message during summoning says. They only appear as fixed opponents in some major sigil fights.

Ok, good to know.
On a similar note, is there any creature you regret summoning because you will also encounter it?

Ancient Ents will definitely piss you off since they give you, and consequently on occasion, enemy parties an effective 10 ranks in Holy Defiance, which means you can’t ever deal more than 40% damage to them. At high level floors, if you don’t have one of the superwalls (Mummy Lord/Shadowstalker Carver/etc) or a status party, the time that costs you can kill you.

Most of the hosers you unlock via tiers. Most of all the old Djinn Arcanomancer which luckily got nerfed in 2.010
Second is the Freny Ghoul that prevents defending/provoking.
Other than that it mostly depends on your strategy. Bone Reaper are death to on-death abilities. Cursed Mummy if you rely on combat spells.

Ancient Ents are the only creatures that make me groan when I see them. I don’t really mind though, since I play a Life Mage it’s like getting a taste of how annoying my party is to the enemy. :slight_smile: