is it just me or is the game preventing me from geting more good teams ?????


i am just looking for some advice really i have reached about lvl 415 on my chaos mage and am at dungeon realm 105 and nether realm 21

i have a good team that can just about kill lvl 2000’s when i am using hypersensitivity they tend to crit for 1-4 billion

but i have noticed something in order to create a new team i must destroy my existing one
or have them start at gene strength +2-4 and in order to up there gene strength i must buy the bottled fairy’s for resource’s now my resource gathering is seemingly capped at around the 200-400 mark (per battle +chests and breakables ) meaning that those peskily fairy’s are Rather expensive and ultimately limiting my breeding escapades

a can head deeper in to the dungeon but would only wish to do so if greater riches awaited
or is it a better idea just to grid lower dungeon lvls
or hopefully someone amongst this fine forum will have more incite

thanks naotan

There are multiple ways to increase gene strength rapidly.

First way is the most efficient use of fairies that I’ve come up with.

  1. Mass-summon creatures obtained from mass-extracting charm summoned creature packs. Level these creatures up to mage level. Requires lots of resources.

  2. Designate one creature in your stable to breed the creatures into. (not a team creature). I believe egg gene strength is based off your highest gene strength creature in the stable.

  3. Obtain lots of fairies 50+ early on.

  4. Gene strength will be added to the one creature up to 2-3x mage level per breed.

  5. Keep on breeding while keeping both creatures above mage level until you’ve reached 1.5x your desired gene strength.

  6. Egg drops will now have your desired gene strength. Stable creature has +900 gene strength, eggs will have around +600.

  7. Find five eggs(six if no nether/avatar) to hatch and breed with your team.

  8. Your team will now have the gene strength as the eggs.

This method requires about 70% fewer eggs and fairies compared to bringing all five creatures up individually. This method may not be feasible until late game or with a huge supply of fairies.

The egg drop rate is very low(every 75 treasure chests perhaps). Which makes finding eggs the most frustrating part.

  • Fairies and resources can be obtained fast by defeating high level primal sigils, preferably lv10.
  • Shards can be eliminated by investing in Gene Strength Mastery.

Before this method I bred creatures’ gene strengths up individually.

this seem like a very solid method if eggs weren’t so rare i have found a max of 5 in my 274 hours of game play but i think i will try an adaptation of your stratagy ( the one where you lvl them up individually ) but if there are an other bright ideas i would love to hear them

thanks so very much for the advice though