Is my save dead?

So I switched to new hardware on my computer and only copied the steam folder with Siralim 3 in it over. I just assumed that the save file would have been in the Siralim 3 steam folder or in some of my documents/games folders, but it wasn’t. Is my mage dead? It was supposed to be a life mage not a death mage! I did use the cloud storage, but that was a long time ago and I really don’t feel like going back 2000-3000 mage levels.

I think that the save location would have been in appdata

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Siralim 3

,but I didn’t think to look there when I changed computer hardware so all hope is probably lost.

The game was really great. I spent too many hours playing it for sure! So maybe this is a blessing in disguise like a really bad breakup.


a simple hardware change shouldn’t destroy savegames or did you also change the hdd/ssd? And moreover did you format your hard disk?

If you still have the old hdd try to connect it with your new hardware (as a secondary drive) and copy the folder you mentioned.
If not than try to import from cloud storage. The cloud service should keep savegames 90 days, considering the game wasn’t released 90 days ago you could at least rescue a little bit.

In other cases I deeply understand the frustration of loosing a save of game you advanced this far.
Maybe you pause until it is 1.0, then you experience new perks, traits, revamps, quests, gate of gods, tavern brawls, perhaps newgame+ features and other nice stuff.
It will feel like a different game so that you may welcome a new start anyways.

I hope you can restore your save somehow.

I recovered the file from my reformatted hard drive.


however, each time I launch Siralim 3 the slot1.sav file is deleted. I don’t know if this is from file corruption or something else, but I feel kinda annoyed. I attached the files, but I doubt anyone can really read it and understand anything.

slot1.sav (2 MB)

config.sav (1 KB)

The files don’t contain Siralim data - there are a lot of weird things in those files including the names of countries, various phone numbers and dates, etc. Maybe you used some recovery software that compressed/encrypted the file?

If you say so I will believe you! Thank you very much. I’m a failure as a life mage; Couldn’t even resurrect my own ass. I thought that file was it for sure since it had the right timestamp for the last time I was able to play Siralim 3 and was the only file named slot1.sav, but a lot of things get pretty messed up when they are recovered from a reformatted hard drive. It boggles my mind how you have the time to look at my file and respond to me considering all the patches and bug fixes you do everyday.