Is new game+ available yet?

I beat the game a couple of days ago and started a new save (on top of my original one, whoops), but didn’t see any option for this - is it yet to come?

I’m assuming not. Probably won’t be added until near the end of early access, if it’s added at all.

any source for your assumption?

Well, it’s an assumption so,… no? But, Siralim 2 didn’t receive ng+ until it was pretty much completely done. It’ll likely be the same for this game. Reason being, there’s no point in doing so until the entire endgame is completely fleshed out and everything is balanced and working as intended. That, and there may be no benefit to having an ng+ in the first place.

Seems like ng+ is planned this time. WOOT!!

New Game Plus is on a list of features planned for later in early access here. Zack mentioned in this thread that he doesn’t want to enable it yet because it would make tracking bugs down harder.