Is that right?

I’ve got a creature with Moon Dance, a creature with Woe and a creature with Cannibalistic Tendencies.

The creature with Woe provokes, then dies because of Cannibalistic Tendencies and all creatures got two times 20% of his Stats because of Moon Dance. Then the enemies should take damage equal to 50% of the HP of the creature with Woe because of Woe.

But they take damage equal to 100% of the HP. But only if the creature with Moon Dance is alive.

It looks like that Moon Dance triggers because the creature died because it provoked. But that isn’t right, I think.

The game does seem to have some odd interactions when it comes to action queueing, which is what sounds like is happening here. The game is queueing up the Cannibalistic Tendencies deaths and then calculating Woe off of the them, rather than calculating Woe when the deaths (or in reality “death”, singular) occur. I’ve seen a few instances of similar things happening, and just chalked them up as “that’s just how Siralim works”. Maybe Zack will chime in and clarify if it’s a bug or a “happy accident”.