Is the Android version up to date?

I’m interested in purchasing this game, but ideally I would love to play it on my Android device. I installed the demo and noticed that the version is listed as 2.0.66… which seems way out of data from the 2.2.0 that is listed in the announcements section and even the 2.1.1 that is listed on the iOS App Store.

Does the Android 2.0.66 version have everything in the 2.2.0 Steam version? Or would I be missing out on new features by buying the Android version?

The 2.0.66 stuff is just Google being annoying :wink: the real version can be found on the title screen at the bottom left corner. With that said, yes, the game is completely up to date on Android.

Thanks for clearing that up!

I think this article ( ) can give you a clear idea of the new features in Android Studio 2.2.

Has anyone given a try on this? What’s your feedback? Plz do share if have ever reported any bug with this version of android.