Is There A Max Breeding Combinations From Loot?

So, I’ve noticed recently that I am no longer getting breeding combinations from chest, nemesis, loot etc.

It seems like I have 3053 breeding combinations so I’m just guessing that there is a limit to the number that a person can get from loot. Maybe that limit is 3000?

Am I crazy or is there actually a limit?

The limit is the number of breeding combinations. There is a fixed static number of them.

Once you discover combination #123, you won’t discover it again. So once you’ve discovered every combination, that’s it, no more.

Note the recent update added a way to gain creature knowledge once you’ve discovered every breeding combo. Check the patch notes for details. :slight_smile:

I see now! Patch 0.19.0 for Siralim 3 states that once a person obtains all the breeding combinations that they start to get the new knowledge items. I started to get those items today meaning that I have all 3054 breeding combinations in the game! I thought there were still more breeding combinations and that is why I was confused.

Not true. At least, not true until you have all combinations.