Is there any chance we could get analog stick support?

I play on Steam with a 360 controller and it’d be nice to get to use the stick natively. If it’s any trouble at all then you shouldn’t stress, there are lots of alternatives that make it work (joy2key, etc.) If it’s just a little thing like assigning the four points really fast though, it’d be appreciated.

Sure, this shouldn’t be too hard to add in! I was hesitant to add this before because from my own testing, analog sticks are kind of strange in a game with only four directions, but I don’t see any harm in having it implemented anyway.

Easiest way in my opinion to implement the analog stick in my opinion.

if( X > deadzone (or) Y > deadzone ):
 if( Y > X ):
  if( Y > 0 ):
  if( X > 0 ):

I’ve seen it quite often developers forget the deadzone or forget to isolate the movement command on the halfway point in two directions.

Adding my vote to this. I use (and love) the 360 controller, but its D-pad is not good.

To be honest, the d-pad on the 360 controller is complete garbage, how that ever got through any form of quality control is beyond me. It is still my favourite controller for anything that uses the analog stick though, so support for that would always be welcome ^^

I realize it’s not strictly related to Siralim, but I looked up this video on YouTube and followed the directions exactly. The difference is night and day! My D-pad had problems with the down and left directions, so that’s where I put my slip of paper (in the video he puts it only on the bottom, to fix the down direction).

It wasn’t hard, and it took me maybe half an hour start to finish. My controller, purchased recently, doesn’t even have the security Torx screws. A small Phillips was all I needed. If you’re comfortable taking things apart and reassembling them, I can’t recommend this video enough. My D-pad is now light and clicky in all directions and is actually a pleasure to use.

I’m thinking they might have made a batch of controllers that had a bad d-pad or something. I honestly haven’t had any problems with mine but I’ve seen a lot of people who say the exact opposite, so thanks for the video!

In terms of Siralim supporting analog sticks, I think I’ve finally figured out why it’s not working in its current form (the code is already there, but it’s not working for some reason). I’m hoping to include that in the next patch as well, but I’m not quite sure if it’ll make it in on time.