Is there innate matrix of class vs class damage underlying the monsters?

Sorry if I missed this point earlier. It seems like some of my characters (mostly use life and chaos) either do very good or very bad against opposing monsters. So can Life creatures do well against Death but not so well against Nature, that kind of interaction? I have seen buffs that cut damage from classes, do they work for combat and spells? I just have trouble understanding why one monster scores over 1000 damage when another does piddle, even though attack values are near the same. Another puzzler is as combat goes past the warning that monsters are getting tired, it seems like diabolic horde types start off doing small damage, then become increasingly larger later on. The diabolic horde is what usually stops me from reaching 10 daily victories in a row.

In Siralim (i.e., Siralim 1) creatures have a different defence statistic for each class of enemy (Sorcery, Nature, Life, etc).

Some monsters have essentially the same Defense value for each class of incoming damage and others have one Defense statistic which is significantly lower than the others (perhaps even half the value of its best Defense statistic). The exact numbers depend on the exact monster that you are fighting, but in general, for each class of creature there is one class of incoming damage where they have lower defense values. (I forget the exact pattern, but I believe Death is generally vulnerable to Life and Life is generally vulnerable to Chaos … )

On top of that, monsters use artifacts which introduce arbitrary variations in statistics. That is, in a particular encounter a monster might be using a Shield that grants it a significant amount of bonus Nature Defense and there is no way for you to know until you try attacking it with a nature creature.

As an example, let’s say that you have an Angel (Life) and a Aspect (Nature) on your team and they each have an attack value of 1000. You are fighting two enemies. The first is a Devil whose artifact grants bonus Life defense. This Devil has Life Defense of 900 and Nature Defense of 400. The other creature is a Golem who happens to have 500 Defense against every damage type.

In this example, against the Devil, you Angel will hit for 100 and your Aspect will hit for 600. Whereas, against the Golem, both of your creatures will hit for 500.

Hopefully, this helps a bit.

That does help but the problem of diabolic hordes remains for me. Maybe I should cast inspect monster to see what they have in way of defense and HP. They seem to be a chaos monster so am going to try + damage to chaos for offense, - damage from chaos and/or elemental guard. Highest I have got is six daily’s in a row before stopped by them

Check the Passive on Diabolic Horde - and you’ll quickly see why it is you deal the damage you do to them.

In order to kill them, you’ll need to rely on abilities that don’t go through the defense mechanic (like say… Troll Arsonist). Otherwise, you’ll be stuck essentially killing them one at a time and hoping you can survive long enough to kill a few and get their defense bonus down to a reasonable level. You can also use spells like Shellbust to lower their defense substantially.

Mass Bloodlust is a good option, too.