Is this normal? (Egg Help)

So I finally finished my mouth of hell. His stats are normal, he has no special ability and he levels slower than everyone else… Did I mess up somehow?

Dang and to top it off you used demon dust and did not become a demonic egg :frowning: … but yeah thats definately wrong. something bugged badly. Also holy on the 5 imbued orbs!? How are you finding so many?

Just recap. it has no special ability because the demon dust only boosts the chance for a demonic egg. It did not work so it just has the 1 main ability. It is just a normal nether not demonic nether

rips hair out

um… did you happen to save your game after you made this creature or before the egg process? I honestly feel terrible for you cause thats an insane amount of work to have such a thing happen. I have never seen that happen before

it should have like heck my guess something like way over 500 base hp and gain like over 10,000hp / 100 levels

That must be a bug, no doubt

No backup, plus I believe the game auto saves as you do stuff.

naw the game actually doesn’t at all autosave lol. you gotta save it manually atleast on IOS as I play on that and trust me the pain I had on version 2-2.0.7 of playing for 2 hours and game crashes, lose everything I did.

This is kinda a good thing since you can save right before making an egg, use demon dust, if nether creator doesnt create a demonic egg, close game, go back and re hunt for nether creator and try again. Can be a pain but better than wasting those super rare demon dusts lol

This makes me wonder if imbued orbs are bugged in 2.0.13?

I was taking screenshots to make a nether guide, but it didn’t even work lol

This is a known bug.

If Zack wasn’t offline, he probably would have offered to make it right somehow, but I can pass along that this should be fixed for the next update, planned for release in the next few days.

If you use more than 10 of the same enchantment on an orb, it’ll cause the bonus to not be applied at all. This is a bug that will be fixed in the next patch.

Sorry about your loss with the orb/gems/etc. After the patch is released I’ll send you a gift code for the same egg you created and some shards so that you can hatch it instantly.

Oh cool, that’s a great system for handling bugs, Zack.

Given the comments on how every additional activation decreases in effectiveness, I’m pretty sure Zack was thinking: ‘What idiot would put more than 10 activations on a single color?’

Of course that’s the first thing I did!

There are diminishing returns on the activations, sure. However, the opportunity cost in the main stat is actually caused mostly using gems elsewhere, so may as well put the activations on the one stat in cases like this. Plus we figured out in that other thread that diamonds aren’t very impactful due to the xp curve.

diamonds are actually a huge impact. my nether with diamonds levels 3 times faster then my other with no diamonds. The problem however is well monsters you fight are based on your creatures levels not experience anymore… even on experience diamond was actually worse because it hinders stats on the nether. It just seems using diamonds only allows a person to not have the strongest nether and may actually hold you back to reaching further realm depths.

I think maybe… diamond should be reworked a bit, perhaps add smaller bonus of experience but also perhaps cause diminishing returns to become less and less the more diamonds you did on the other 4 gem types.


  • less diminishing returns on other 4 gems. Something like that? lol

What if nether orbs had sockets for gems of each color rather than total? You COULDN’T put all the gems into one, but you COULD put all activations into one. You could still specialize a monster, the drops would be more varied for nether orbs, and activation choices would be more meaningful since presently, the main consideration is where you put your GEMS.