Is Wicked Carver Working Correctly?

I started a new game and took a hit of over 1600 damage relatively early in the game from a Wicked Carver.

The text for Wicked Carver indicates that it can do AT BEST 3x Normal Damage. At this point in the game, it is hard to believe that the Wicked Carver has normal damage against my creature that is over 500. (Most hits that I take at this point are in the 50-200 range)

This might be odd situation where this particular Wicked Carver ended up a huge amount of Attack bonus on its artifact, but I feel like early game Wicked Carver is strangely deadly.

It might be worth checking that Wicked Carver’s ability matches the text description.

(Note: From the text I assume that the multiplication should happen after my defense is taken into account, although perhaps I am misunderstanding?)

multipliers seem to be interacting in a weird way with each other. When I added Emerald Attunement to my team the damage increased by almost x10, if I remember correctly.

Thanks for the link. That is consistent with my experiences as well.

It appears that the text is inconsistent with the behavior of these +% Damage abilities. (That is, either the abilities are bugged … or if they are working as intended, the text should be changed.)

My main killer is a Wicked Carver. It is in my team since i got one the first time, and it is very often giving the death blow to enemies. With a Splash Artifact, it’s a major tool in my not-heavy magical team.