Issue with Corsac proc rate

In making a Regalis team with a Decaying Vulpes, and I noticed an issue with the proc rates on Corsac. With that combo, assuming all creatures have enough Life gems, I’d expect a ~98% chance that each creature would have at least one spell cast, with a theoretical maximum of 18 casts. What I’ve been seeing is 3 casts in most cases, and 2 occasionally, after 5 fights.

I built a team with 6 Decaying Vulpes with unique names and spell gems to test this more thoroughly. After 10 battles, I only saw 2 or 3 T0 casts each. They always came from either my first Vulpes (Fox Friend) or my fourth (Tri). I’ve attached a screenshot showing this.

With the number of trials I’ve done and the high proc rate of Corsac, I’m pretty confident saying that there’s something odd going on with the proc rate of Corsac, though I don’t have enough information to make a good guess as to what.

Android Qb4
Version 1.3.23 (current latest)

After some more investigation, I figured out what i was doing wrong. My first team was mostly using temporary gems, the second team wasn’t using all healing gems. This bug is not real, sorry for the bad report.