Issues advancing text and in battle in game

  1. My issue is a bug

  2. When I press the e button or the a or x button on an xbox one controller in game when I’m talking to somebody or in a battle, it won’t advance the text or let me click attack. It will let me advance the text when I’m talking to somebody after around 10 seconds. It will let me do defend which only requires you to click or press a button once for some reason. I can click attack but when I try to press the button to attack an enemy, it won’t register that I’m doing that. Also I have no sound in the game at all. All of the music and sounds are gone. I tried resetting the sound in game but that didn’t help. I played this game yesterday for 3 hours with none of these issues.

  3. I’m playing on windows 10.1 on steam. I’m in NA

  4. I’m playing on version 2.3.0

  5. I’m not sure why this is happening, but I would like to get fixed as I was enjoying the game last night.

Could you please try deleting and re-installing the game? If that doesn’t work, please try restarting your computer as well.

I have uninstalled my game multiple times and restarted the computer then reinstalled it. Everything is still messed up like in my original post.

Could you please try exiting the game, unplug your gamepad, and see if the game works properly without the gamepad attached.