Issues with two abilities

I’m playing the latest Siralim on an Android device and I’ve found a couple errors in regards to Topaz Attunement and the ability of the Regal Golem (can’t remember the name of it at the moment).

With a Topaz Paragon in my party, all my creatures start at the top of the Action Queue as expected, but only the first creature in my party (top left spot) starts battle with Critical. I wondered if for some reason it might work as it reads in the description if the Topaz Paragon were in the first/top left position but that did not change anything.

The Regal Golem does not seem to start battle with any buff. I also haven’t noticed any stat increases, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there, I guess. I just started a new file with randomization on, so I’ve only tried it out a couple times and only in Chaos and Dungeon realms.

I’m not sure what other information you need but let me know and I’ll provide it!

Zack tells you pretty much everything he needs to know in this form:

On that note, confirming your observations on these bugs . . .

b[/b] Bug

b[/b] N/A

b[/b] Topaz Paragon only grants its Critical buff to itself, not its entire party. Effect persists regardless of position, indicating difference in bug between Android version and PC version.

Regal Golem status buffs in certain Realms seem to be nonfunctional; confirmed in Winter/Dungeon. Stat buffs are working, though not announced.

b[/b] Windows

b[/b] Siralim 2.0.9

b[/b] Topaz Paragon giving first turn is still functional.

I’ll get both fixed ASAP, thanks!