Item Set Inconsistencies

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My game did not crash.

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I was trying to assign Item Sets before breeding my creatures, but noticed some strangeness with what artifacts were selected. (I noticed no problems with spell gem allocation.) My Hammer Lord, equipped with a level 10 Axe (10 slots used, Honed Blades trait) generated an item set with a lvl 1 Chaos Shield artifact instead. Likewise, a Valkyrie Scout equipped with a level 10 Bow (10 slots used, Cold Touch trait) generated an item set with a level 1 Chaos Lance. When I equipped the new item sets to another creature, the Chaos Lance had Sweeping Smash as its slot, and the Chaos Shield had Creeping Death.

(I had just finished the Fortune Teller ritual and accepted the Arcane Refinery ritual.)

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