Items menu suggestions

I have some suggestions for the items menu:

[ul][li]When sorting items would it not be better to use natural sort? Now we get an ordering like 1, 10, 2, which should instead be 1, 2, 10. [/li]
[li]Another, but more minor, sorting improvement would be to take the type of items into account. But I could imagine you want to refrain from doing so, because depending on how you have implemented it, it might make your implementation more complex, and thus more error prone. For example:
[li]Sorting scrolls on the charges available.[/li]
[li]Sorting orbs on gems allowed and activations remaining.[/li]
[li]Just like the major sigil also state what the nether creature will be at a minor sigil. But I can imagine you did this on purpose to make them a bit more difficult.[/li]
[li]How can we prepare for major sigils if we only know what the nether creature will be? There are many different builds possible for certain creatures, making preparations a matter of guessing.[/li]
[li]It would be nice to have some way to lookup artifact abilities. I have found artifacts with abilities on them (my loot hoarding is max, or maybe it was a pandemonian token), but since I have not unlocked that many creature tiers, I have no way of looking up their effects. (This is already available as a menu item of the artifact, my bad)[/li][/ul]

Im pretty sure that minor sigils are random, thats why they dont have any text describing the encounter.

I do agree with the sorting though, it feels odd that it sorts 1, 10, 2, though this only affects gems since they sort by name then level.

I assumed that the nether creatures were fixed for minor sigils, but that the other team members were random.

The unnatural sorting impacts all items containing an additional number such as artifacts, gems, library listing of rituals performed, and probably some other places.

Ah, forgot the artifacts also sort by level. Havent checked out the ritual list myself.

Artifact abilities are in fact listed when you look it up in your inventory. Simply go to the artifact page, select the artifact, and there will be the option to view the ability. If the artifact is on a creature, then go to the creature menu, view the creature, and where his normal ability is listed, above it will be a “1/2”. Simply click right and it will switch to the creature’s second ability. (Nether demons have to natural abilities, so there’s will say 1/3 of they have an artifact with an ability.) :slight_smile:

Ah, good to know. I missed that menu option somehow, my bad. Although it would still be nice to have a way to lookup abilities, for example when you read about a certain ability on the forum, but it is good to know that direct in-game needs for looking up abilities are covered.

Certainly. Well, Zack was talking with us that the library in game may be reworked. Though it would add information as you progress, so it’s not really what you’re talking about. (I’m just really excited about it. Lol)
Perhaps when my new main character unlocks all of the creatures I might create a compendium of the information for the forums here. If I hadn’t deleted my old save, I’d have the list, but I wanted to start fresh when that rebalancing happened at 2.0.15