Ith enemies not dying to melee attacks - chaos mage

In pretty much every Ith realm I’ve done as a chaos mage, I can’t kill enemies with regular melee attacks. The lower their hp is, the less damage each hit does. It must have something to do with the interaction with magma diver that deals extra damage based on the target’s current health. I can cast spells to kill them, however.

Win 7
Version 0.0.22

ye ive noticed i often do like 0 damage with melee. whats your lvl vs their lvl btw? basically maybe w/o magma diver you should do that 0 damage? oh i understand stats take part as well, but its a good reference

From what I can tell, it looks like this perk is working correctly. I think Visio is probably right - Magma Diver happens to comprise most of your damage to start with, and as enemies lose health your damage plummets.

I think should look further into it still, i myself can notice my 260 creatures hitting 180 sigil for laughable melee damage when they are about to die. (1-3%) like they have no base damage at all. i doubt from 6 different creatures non of those are build for melee none are build for spells either with mostly random 30% dual boosts on stats from artifact they cannot cause melee damage.
Party composition: 160 Ash cerber nether | 260s ::
thunder salamander | phase knight | elf barbarian | emerald paragon | fallen carnage
2 extra affecting traits: through the gloom + sloth not sure they can interfere

maxxed magma diver, 10% attack perk

Creature attack before entering battle: from 1k (salamander/barb) to 1.8-1.9k - knight, paragon, carnage
average enemy defense in battle - 900, some to 1.5k (storm), enemy level - 185. only melee attacks seem to be gimped/affected.
dunno ill track it closely when ill run into such situations again. but definitely somethings fishy