Itherian Creature in normal Realm

An enemy uses lycanthropy and turns into an itherian creature in an normal realm.

Version 0.6.0

About lycanthropy - i guess it can turn to anything but boss creature.

OFF Topic: itherian in normal realms bugs/library conradictions:

I have tons of itherian enemies spawning in normal realms and still dont understand why. It seems to be intended, you can sometimes get 3-5 itherians in a group in normal realm. But i feel its damages the borders/separation of realms tbh.

But again thats absolutely contrary to Library: which stands in guides/creatures/itherian creatures:
Itherian creatures can be only found in itherian realms. I have em spawning all over me for days after getting above 150 or so realm level. I dont actually remember when it started, but there is a post on the forums
Thast also contradicts with: Library/guides/end-game: itherian realms (Itherian realms are home to Itherian creatures, which are creatures that can only be found in these realms)

I mean what do they do not in their realm, especially in massive numbers. If its invasion wheres the loot and the boss and the event end :stuck_out_tongue: