its all about berserk

Alright I can post now. Woot to activation codes.
Well in short I love this game. I found it in the play store looking for RPG typengames and the big stand out to me is the random levels. I get so bored of doing the same maps over and over. That and it mentioned well over 200 playable creature. Yeah to ability to keep a game from stagnating you devs you. Played to the lvl 15 cap probably in 3 hours and felt 5$ was well worth what I still needed to do to get bored(hasn’t happened). Now I’m around lvl40 and like one post on here said GRANITE come to me.
I’m loving the whole thing, but like all grind games the drops felt a bit low, but don’t think about changing that. With all the different ways to spend resources I’m having a hard time stockpiling any but that means I spend time leveling not just messing with my artifacts(nothing great yet).
My current team is three berserkers in the front with DMG and Max HP artifacts. One has a slightly different artifact that also inflicts burn, if he hasn’t killed what ever he hit out right. The other three, are really just sad support. I think my sand golem is the next most useful for its stuns. Twisted devil is only good to give me a chance to cast every round and the newest addition I don’t even remember its name. I’m thinking about going full beraserker to just pummel enemies into submission with speed artifact inhancements. That is after I can afford the changes.
Well any ways great game and keep up the work!!!

Welcome to the forums, and I’m very glad to hear you’re enjoying the game!

The next patch will drastically reduce the granite cost for purchasing upgrades :slight_smile:

Oh really, I like it. Forces work out of one’s self to do things. And thanks for the welcome.
I take it there isn’t a wiki up and running yet. I googled for one, as there is a few status effects I wanted info on last night.

For a wiki, check the Announcements forum for posts on the latest version updates. Zack basically writes a wiki on all the game features that come with each patch. If you read through a few, you should find more than enough information on game features.

[quote=“Controledfail, post:3, topic:381”]Oh really, I like it. Forces work out of one’s self to do things. And thanks for the welcome.
I take it there isn’t a wiki up and running yet. I googled for one, as there is a few status effects I wanted info on last night.[/quote]

Check out the in-game library. It should have all the info you’ll ever need. You can talk to the librarian for information about all the status effects.

Thanks folks. I checked the annoumc!ents and love the 2.0 patch ideas, can’t wait for it to hit android. Will check back with the librarian for info on status effects. I’m getting offline for a bit, probable read about 1/4 -1/3 the forum post, and really want to try and and some of the ideas I read to my game play.

Welcome to the, umm, community. :smiley:

Great to see that you’re enjoying the game. Only found out about it recently too myself but I love it to bits. Although I’m a bit sad that you’re that into the Berzerker Fiends, one of my arch-nemesis creatures.

You should try getting a Wyvern Sonicscreecher, Unicorn Vivifier and a Spider Sorceress. They’re more or less the most commonly creatures right now because they’re just plain awesome. The Wyvern and Unicorn are quite possibly the best support creatures in 1.3 and the Sorceress has so many ways to get to achieve ridiculous numbers through spells and artifacts.

I also suggest not going overboard with the Fiends too. You can get artifacts that give your guys Berzerk if need be and by going for 3-6 'zerkers you lose out on a lot of synergy and flexibility. Then again, it’s hard to get rid of ones babies and it’s not like the game is forcing you to play a specific way. :wink:

EDIT: As for the wiki I reckon one will show up at some point once the game gets a Steam release. Otherwise I’m thinking about making a list of all the creatures in the game once I’ve got a game with the complete roster, which unfortunately is a fair bit into the future. xD

Wyvern Sonicscreecher is the only one I recommend using out of those. There are 227 to choose from prior to the update, and each one has a paired legendary crafting material with their ability. I would focus on opening up all the new creature tiers and finding the rare ones through power rituals, and beat major sigils for legendary materials.

I am in to the berserker’s for both the offensive ability and their 10% health per turn. I’m thinking about building a set of Artifacts with dmg, max HP, leach, mend, and multi strike. I think this would work with three of them, and find some nice support creature for assistance with out of combat bonuses like brimstone and granite bonuses. Just saw a creature in the shop that let’s me gain more of those dance medals if its alive after combat. Kinda wanna get one of those in my support group.

I have now decided to run this page as my own personal page to publically announce my thoughts.

I have now decided to work on building towards a very specific build. I like the damage the berserkers dish out, but want to keep them around. if some thing like one of the sorceresses or wyverns gets a good hit I am thinking about two vivafiers for the revive ability, especially if I can get them on hit invisibility. And as the berserkers lose HP with every attack they could use the life gain ability from having a high deffenc vampire bat in the fray. That would off set the large set of their self damage and reduce it to 10% of damage dealt, offset again by the gain of 10% of max hp after all is said and done. Finally I want to add two Brownie Brutes to the mix to set up a really good chance of immobilizing the entire opposing team.
So far from what I have seen I would be hard pressed to lose to any of the things I have come across so far. Not saying it couldn’t be done, but with the artifacts I have in mind it would make it really difficult to drop my team.

Must play more and find other rare and unique enchantments to figure out the best set up here,I see greatness but it needs work.

OK I’m working on my first neither vivafier. Its going to be a nice compliment to my party with two vivafiers one being neither. Both are going to have a set of artifacts that add infection burn stun poison and other such status effects. Might even add if I can do it on hit rebirth. Burly rez team.
In the idea of rituals is it better to unlock more monster tiers first or to have more castle upgrades. I’m currently looking to get a vampire bat, found one on random mode, but don’t know how far that is. I have 7 tiers of monsters. Oh the joy to have leach 20% on my assault team.
Any advice is great advice, thanks in advance.

P.S. thanks Zack for all the work on 2.0. Its great.

A lot of room to find your own style, but for my two cents: prioritize opening up new monster tiers. The higher tiers (up to 30 so far…) can take a long time to complete, so be sure to open up multiple rituals and get some other stuff going too.

I think I just had the most embarrassing reckless death I’ve ever acquired in this game. I just buffed up some artifacts and switched my line up a bit. I loaded up and realm 1 to kind of work over since sigals. between a raven acolyte cutting my health in half for everyone and they most amazing work from a first turn fallen carnage, my team got wiped before I even got to make one order. That was brutal and makes me rethink the raven acolytes ability. It cuts even the strongest monster down to size, if and only if, you have a fast power house with the ability to strike over and over.

Hmmmm… To be considered.

Were either of them nether? Cause with the most recent update, enemy nether are severe power and your own are rather nerfed due to their counter creature being inordinate levels above them based on their xp and not on level.

No neither. Just a bad combination of abilities. With my creatures health at 50% in the biggining of round 1 all carnage had to do was target my lowest creature, kill it and gain multi strike , then move around the board. As soon as my first creature drop I realized what was about to happen.

Dang, those are harsh skills together… haha, good idea for a team!

Tell me about it.I am looking for brownie brutes to replace two of my berserker’s later. I love the team stun effect the have. If I can get on it will replace my sand giant. Second one will replace one of the berserkers until I can get a vampire bat to fill out the team. The idea I have is if I can add the ravens ability and have high speed brutes to stun the other team then all battles are a wash. Use my berserker with the carnages ability and if needed rez with my two vivafiers.

Why the vampire bat? If you’ve got vivifiers, let them worry about health maintenance. I’d suggest a pulse bat instead. With the brownies laying down a mass debuff, it’ll deal extra damage. You could even equip him with an artifact that has a bunch of debuff procs to make him an even greater that.

My main idea for the vampire bat was the ability would greatly inhance my berserker and the rest of my team by quickly letting them build HP back from 50% where the start the battle with the acolites ability or when rezed.
My only issue is I don’t remember what the pulse bats ability actually does. And is there an enchantment that allows the effect of leach on just one artifact like the one that offers mend. If I could put leach and mend on my berserkers artifact I wouldn’t really need the vampire bat. Its just the only option other than spells I have seen for that.

I know there is a leech material, but I don’t remember what it’s called. :stuck_out_tongue:

The pulse bat does extra damage for every buff and debuff on the creature it attacks. They are especially useful when enemy teams have creatures that give all or some of their team buffs. Like how cinder devil gives his people splash or the ghouls that give multistrike.
Or having the ghoul that gives enemy wrath and then a swampdweller that gives them blight, then a necropolis that gives them poison when struck while defend/provoking, perhaps the wyvern that silences, too. Lol, they can utterly wreck teams if you build right.