Just bought the game, crash after god of time intro


  1. I start the game, pick a file slot, enter my name and gender, pick my class, and cycle through the text. Then the game crashes. Try it again and it does it every time.

4.Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 on a Dragontouch Y88X Plus

  1. 1.0.8

  2. It’s a cheapo tablet but it runs the first game flawlessly.

I think that tablet has less than 1GB RAM, so it will have a really hard time running the game, unfortunately. Sorry!

Yeah it only has a little over 500 megs of ram I think. Sadly I can’t afford anything else. Thanks for the quick reply. My old computer died so I am having to save to build a new one, I’m going to get a refund on the game and get the steam version when my rig is done. Loved Siralim, left it a review on steam last year :wink: