Just got this game and have some questions

I’ve been eyeing this game for a while, and decided to buy the android version since I had $5 in google play credit, thinking I’d buy the PC version as well if I end up really liking it. I’ve been playing it here and there for a couple hours, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of this game. The only “monster catching” game I have played is Pokemon, which is way simpler. I played Dragon Warrior Monsters on an emulator for a little bit before this game, and that seemed simple too.

So far I have gone up to realm 7 and gotten the blacksmith. The tutorial and guides make sense on paper, but in practice I have no idea how to build my creatures. This whole time I’ve just been using the default attack move for all my creatures, however some creatures do 100+ damage while others do very little, like 1-10, even though they’re the same level. I’m assuming that’s because I don’t have the “right” artifact equipped? How do you go about deciding what artifact to equip on which monster? what about spell gems? Some artifacts have one sided effects, like take less damage from Death etc. when would something like this be useful? Is there a guide that explains which qualities are worth having and which ones are worthless? Also is there a guide that explains basic team formation and strategy?

Another thing I’ve noticed is that so far the realms have been really similar, despite the scenery and monsters; Collect things for gods, give imps or travelers items, and break things for loot. Is this what the entire game is going to be like or does it get more interesting in higher realms? Does this get really repetitive and tedious if you play a lot? I don’t mind grinding to train my monsters, but it feels like I encounter very few enemy monsters in a realm, and the rest is collecting things and getting loot.

  1. 100+ damage vs 1-10 damage.
    Creatures are strong and weak against other creature classes. So a Death creature attacking a Life creature would deal weak damage compared to dealing strong damage against a Chaos creature (Guide to Combat -> Creature Classes).

Also, the closer player and enemy creatures’ attack and defense are, the less damage the player will do. Different creatures have varying defense stats even at the same level. High defense Doom Fortress race of creatures vs low defense Leper race.

  1. The right artifact
    The Sword artifact has its primary stat being in attack. Mage level increases the stat range of all artifacts thus it is worth reforging artifacts whenever your level increases a reasonable amount.

  2. Take less damage from Death creatures
    This could be useful to put on a life mage creature since it is weak against death creatures.

  3. Spell gems

Depending on what your team is synergized for (stat buffs, attack based, AOE spell casters, many more team builds), will affect what spell gems you use.
If your team is focused on attacking enemies than the Panic Attack spell gem would allow each of your creatures to attack a random enemy for 50% damage.

  1. Guide on team formation and artifacts
    Scattered around multiple forum posts probably, but not a comprehensive one has been that I’m aware of. Although it mostly boils down to finding traits that amplify the damage your team can do before the enemy kills you.

Artifacts can be given traits that suit your team build from materials found at random(or less random from sigils). They can also be given enchantments to add secondary stats, give a start of battle buff to the equipped creature, and as mentioned give a trait to the equipped creature.

  1. Repetitiveness and late game team building
    The game mostly boils down to building a team(creature traits, artifact traits, spell gems) that can survive and kill enemies at higher and higher realm depths. After the main story is finished the new realm type unlocked is a harder version of the normal realms with bosses being fought every five floors. Repeat with some extra content, bestiary completion, task completion, and achievements to complete and that’s about it.

[quote=“bluequakeralex, post:2, topic:3102”]3. Take less damage from Death creatures
This could be useful to put on a life mage creature since it is weak against death creatures.[/quote]

Actually the class pentagon goes like this:

Chaos is weak to Death.
Death is weak to Life.
Life is weak to Nature.
Nature is weak to Sorcery.
Sorcery is weak to Chaos.

After a while you can unlock the altar of blood (siralim 2 + altar of blood + gamewiki.tips) what you want is the “Strife” punishment.

=> After a few battles in a realm you get a constant supply of new enemies (and treasure chests).
With “Strife” a single realm can be farmed for as long as the player wishes. :slight_smile:

[quote=“bluequakeralex, post:2, topic:3102”]3. Take less damage from Death creatures
This could be useful to put on a life mage creature since it is weak against death creatures.[/quote]

Thanks for the help!

I guess to elaborate on my question, when would I take this sort of artifact “less damage taken from x”, when I could just use an artifact that boosts defense. Wouldn’t defense be a better bet so I can take less damage from all classes? I don’t use any of my class shields or weapons because I feel like it would be a waste, since I can really boost the attack speed or defense of the creature instead. So I was wondering if there is a worthwhile reason to using them.

The heavy shield artifact has its primary stat in defense. A level 5 artifact has 5 slots to fill with enchants (one type of enchant being reducing damage from a creature class up to 50%).

So, a heavy defense artifact with an enchant that lessens damage taken from a class the equipped creature is weak against normalizes damage taken overall.

Four slots still remain for customization of the artifact.

Class lances could be useful in boss fights where you know the classes of the creatures thus dealing more damage.

You are right, at the moment you are better of with + X stat enchants.
But keep in mind that the numbers in Siralim 2 can get crazy, imagine 4 digit levels… suddenly flat -% modifiers get much much more interesting.