Just Hit Post Game. How Should I Continue From Here?

My creatures are too weak to handle the nether realms, I don’t have enough resources to reliably do anything. I’m only getting about a hundred per battle, even at decent Power Balance. I’m trying to breed for higher gene strength, but it takes a long time for me to get the crystals I need, and then the rituals take forever after that. I’d use sigils, but it’s scaling the gene strength to my +600 creature, meanwhile all my otehr creatures I’m still getting up there, they’re much lower.

So I’m at a slight loss on what I should do from here that doesn’t take a ludicrous amount of time to do much. My creatures are about 9

I’d recommend using the hyper sensitivity punishment. And past that grind. Try to synergize your creature traits with some good artifact traits.

Use hypersensitive to get higher level enemies at lower gene strengths, you mean? Otherwise, I don’t see the point it using it? It’s not like my creatures can handle level 800 enemies.

I feel late game is about finding an extremely powerful build.

I have my own variation of a very strong build. As long as you discover it yourself I say it’s fine to use :stuck_out_tongue:

Play around with some traits that have good sync with each other. Example: All ally members start with 0 mana, and any creatures below 40% mana deal 150% more damage.

There are also a few builds that make you invincible. Depends how deep down the rabbit hole you’re willing to go :slight_smile: