Just starting out

Hey all! Just decided to buy the game after playing around and reading more about the game! I’m super stoked to get more into it. Quick question. Is any one particular Mage better suited for a new player? I toyed around with each for a couple of levels, but none of them really stood out (perhaps because it was only for a few levels). Does my choice really matter? Thanks!

IMO Life is the best throughout the early/mid game due to the Holy Defiance perk. A single point in it will prevent your creatures from ever being one-shot by regular attacks, and later on when you can invest 65 more royalty points to get to rank 11, they can’t even be two-shot by normal attacks.

Your Mage Class actually isn’t that big a deal in this game, and the only major differences are your five class perks and what your starting creatures are.

That said, Sorcery is this game’s Hard Mode, while Life is Easy.

This was exactly the type of advice I was looking for! Thanks!!