Katarina's Near-infinite loop

I just had a 50-minute battle against Katarina due to a nasty loop that can trigger if you have a Dragon Queen (or anything with Piercing Dragon Claws). Basically, what happens is that one of the enemies will gain a shell, at which point all the enemies get hit by the Dragon. Then each of them gain a shell, causing the dragon to trigger six times, they heal themselves entirely + get a new shell, and it just starts cycling from there. Each turn ends eventually, courtesy of the hard limit you put into the turns. But would it be possible to add a “Shells from Katarina don’t trigger Piercing Dragon Claws” rule to the code?

For the record, the cycle eventually stopped when one of the opposing creatures one-shotted the Dragon. Thank the gods for that. Except Torun. &#$% that guy.

Thanks for the information. Going to change her trait to only activate when she takes damage from attacks or spells since there are actually a few traits that can cause some big problems here.

May I ask what hard limit that would be? I only know about the 15 attacks/casts per creature per turn rule…

You can find a list of all the limits in the library book about Combat. It’s in the “Advanced” section. I think the limit on buffs/debuffs per turn is 10 or 15 right now.