Keep egg drops very rare

For some time now, even at really low realm depths, I keep finding eggs in chests and as quest rewards. I don’t want to open them because I find too many and at this point they all require a ritual. I think egg drops should be rarer than they are.

As someone who has gotten an average of 1 egg drop per 1000 battles, I beg to disagree. Perhaps it should be based on how many eggs in inventory similar to how arena tickets are supposed to work

Huh they’r pretty rare to me but I’m only like nether 120ish. What was your low lv realm?

That’s what I mean by “keep” them rare. They are rare at the beginning but something causes them to become increasingly common. Maybe Mage level, I don’t know.

I understand. Though you initially said egg drop should be rarer than they are so that’s entirely different from what you explained in the reply.

Anyways, yeah maybe implement some kind of cap or make the egg drop rate inverse with the numbers of loots you can get. If you get 20 pages of loots every chest, you’re bound to get a lot of eggs with fixed drop rate.

Level 50, never found one yet, is it unlocked somehow ?

No, they are just really rare. Like 1 in every 200-300 loot count. Some players doing high realms getting 20+ pages of loots every chest so they aren’t rare anymore to them.

I’m mage level 109, realm level 55, and I’ve never found an egg =-.

Umaro is correct, at high levels the drop rate increases, until you find an egg in every chest practically. They become an inventory problem.