Keep Siralim Safe

Get crackin’ on this.


I feel like that name comes up more than all the others.

LMAO! way to funny

Mom: Hunnie what you doin
Son: Nothing I have to go kill Anus

Mom: What!?
Son: Don’t worry mom I need to get crackin on this to keep siralim safe and Anus is being a butt hole threatening us all!

Mom: da faq game you buy!?


It’s just harder to ignore.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I didn’t make a conscious effort to include this name in the game. The random name generator just happens to think the two syllables “an” and “us” go well together.

So… did you wreck it?

Name aside, am I the only one wondering how a Topaz Paragorn can appear in the wild?

They start appearing after you summon one.

In all my battles I have never seen one outside of major sigils, even though the message displayed the first time I summoned one.

I think what Kejal means is that unless the new update changed this, I’ve never seen a Paragon in the Realms. They appear to be sigil-only.