Key abilities: Better on artifacts or on minions?

When making your party, do you think it is better to have your key ability on your minion or on your artifact?

From what I know, (only on monster tier 13) I figure that disarm is easier to deal with than shapes shifters and other ability copiers and toure most dangerous abilities should be on your artifacts. Thoughts?

On a semi-related note, can the artifact thief minion steal your artifacts?

The artifact thief can steal it!After the battle and you’ve defeated it you get it back.
I would guess as far as abilities go its whatever is easiest for you.I perfer abilities on artifacts.

So, so long as you don’t die or escape, you get it back. Good.

It won’t steal your artifacts from you. The ability is completely ignored if the enemy has it.

I read somewhere that it did and you had to kill it to get it back.
Thank you for clearing that up Zack.Sorry about the misinformation!