Key to the Arcane extra Mana in Detailed Stats

My Nether creatures’ Detailed Stats sheet doesn’t show that have +30 mana from using Keys. This seems to cause the +10% Mana card to not take those 30 points into account.

The +19 mana come from the following sources:

+10 from perks.
+5 from Runic Grimoire Card
+10% from Djinn Illusionist Card, which adds 4, since 28+15 = 47.

After adding a +Mana artifact, the 10% becomes 25, since 28+15+210=253

Its actual Mana then becomes 308, since the 30 extra mana are added after everything else it seems.

As of 8.0, this is how it looks like. It’s actual Mana is 143. The +30 was added to base stats, but the card buffs aren’t working or showing correctly.

Ok, I think I’ve got it now but could you please attach your save file here (or e-mail if you prefer) so I can make sure it’s working?