Keywords and damage types

One area I thought S2 could have done better was using keywords for abilities and damage types. Take the starting Chaos creature Ottum for example. His trait says that after he “Attacks” he will then “attack” another creature at random twice for 50% damage. The game gives no indication on whether these follow up attacks will apply on-hit effects, will be mitigated by defense or anything else about them.

Midnight Feast / War Golem for example WOULD trigger on hit effects but Wild Stabs would not. We need keywords to distinguish what damage and attack types are happening.

ex. Ottum: When ever this creature performs a Basic Attack it attacks another creature at random 2 times for 50% damage.

But “Attack” IS the keyword. There is no trait that says “Attack” and doesn’t trigger on-hit effects.

Trait Wild Stabs After this creature defends, it attacks other creatures at random for 50% normal damage. This effect repeats 7 times.

This does not trigger on hits.

Seems like it does.

On hit yes sorry but not “on attack” effects. I should have specified my bad. Thats why I used War golem and Midnight feast in the example. So if you have a gem that auto casts whenever you attack it wont go off at all in your above video. This is why you should separate basic attacks from triggered attacks keyword wise.

But on-hit spells work too. If it says the word “Attack” it always acts as a normal attack.

lol ok nvm delete vthread

It’s possible that you weren’t causing any damage, which prevents most on-hit effects from activating.