Killing Meraxis

I’m at my wits end with this Gate of the Gods fight. At this point even on the lowest difficulty, it boils down to luck. Does anybody have any strategies or team compositions that they’ve found have worked at killing this guy?

You might know this already, but you’re not actually supposed to kill him. You’re supposed to try to survive until he gives up and “dies” on his own.

Edit: I’m wrong and still continue to mix up Meraxis/Lister 3 years later.

That’s Lister, dude. =v
Meraxis is the one with a 100% + 1000% stat boost.

Meraxis is honestly one of the harder ones because unlike Gonfurian you can’t just decay the stat boost away - even decaying their stats doesn’t work too well because the 1000% boost says the creatures “act like” they have that much stats, but they don’t actually HAVE them, so while you can reduce their stats, they’ll still act like they have 1000% more than the actually have.

However, the boost is tied to Meraxis being alive - if you can focus him down and take him out first, the 1000% boost will stop being applied and you can mop up the creatures he brought with him without much of an issue. I would recommend leaning on resurrections to stay alive since the boosted damage will be hard to tank, and using spells like Shellbust to make Meraxis go down a bit faster.

Gonfurian is a pain for the same reasons. My team just can’t stay alive long enough to take their first turns.