Kind of a bug with Daily Realms count

I was on a level 17 or so Daily Realm, I cleaned it out, and I decided to use it to finally beat the Major Sigils I had collected so far. And I beat a bunch of them, until I lost a fight.

This defeat, inside a Daily Realm but after I’d beaten the DR, still reset my DR count. Not very fun, that’s a two or three real-world weeks’s worth setback. And it’s annoying: I had beaten the DR by that point.

So, is it a bug?

Nope. You lose a fight in a realm, you lose the entire realm. No exceptions.

I get that, but if you beat a regular realm and then die, you keep the rewards. There is no (meaningful) defeat after duty completion in those. There is in the daily realms. Well, now I know.

Thank you for clarifying.