knowledge points on patch 1.3.23

I’m only getting 10 knowledge pts for killing and 1 for extracting.
The new patch 1.3.23 supposed to “maintain” the overall knowledge pts.
I remember I was getting 10 for killing and 20 for extracting. Shouldn’t we get 20 for killing and 10 for extracting now?


You only gained 1 point per kill prior to the patch, I believe.

Had it been changed at some point between 1.3.19 and 1.3.23?

I had a notepad where I tracked knowledge points and I was getting 180 points total when killing charm summoned creatures using Soul Eater, so I’m quite positive…

See the attached picture of the chat. I’m not crazy :smiley:

Please also see

Dev, you can test it on previous patch.

Unless this is intentional. If so then please let me know so I’ll accept it as that. :confused:

I’ll look into it and fix it if there’s a problem in the next patch. Thanks!