Koloss Slowdowns

So I was trying out a Koloss/Giant team idea I had, and ran into a huge slowdown whenever I attacked (and some enemies attacked). I had no issues when casting damaging spells (seen at the end of the video), but every attack my monsters made took several seconds…
I’m thinking it has something to do with the bonus traits from the Druid, since there wasn’t any stall when I was trying it on other specialization, but I’m not completely sure what is causing it, sorry.

I’m playing from my iPad streaming from my Windows (8, I think) computer, version 0.3.4.


So after I changed my monsters around a bit, things sped up again. Not sure if it was just PotD or the fact there were 4 Koloss all getting a bunch of extra Koloss Traits?

I’m thinking the problem is one specific trait, but it’s hard to say which one for sure. If you run into this issue again and notice a trait that consistently causes this to happen, please let me know. Thanks for the report!

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For sure! I’ll be sure to keep my eye out on the traits showing up.

2 of my guys have the Trait that converts 50% of all stats to HP and I haven’t had any issues since, but I also cut my team down to 3, so yeah, I might have to try adding my 4th back to see if I can actually recreate it again.

So I added a 4th again, and it worked fine one realm, but the next it was slow again. It did seem like Rise Above was present each fight, so that might be it, although I think I’ve had Rise Above work fine with just 3? So I’m not entirely sure.