Kreate a Kreature Korner 2 - New and Improved. (Beta thread)

Siralim the First had one. So Siralim the Second needs one as well. The idea is simple: Just post your ideas for creatures, that you think would be cool to have in the game. It’s really as simple of that. Although, the more specific you are, the better.

To illustrate I’ll start.

Name: Tattergeist.

Visuals: A bunch of levitating cloth in the colours that match their ability. Looks distictly not-alive. As it’s animated cloth and animated cloth dosen’t smile at you.
Class: Sorcery. Because enchanted objects and Sorcery go hand-in-hand.
Mechanic: Changes the targets creature class by attacking them.
Stats: High Speed and Mana. Pretty low stats otherwise. Because cloth.
Aquisition: Can be bought from the Tailor in exchange for scraps.
Flavor: They attack you and leave some of their magical fabric on you as a result hereof.

Example creatures:

Woolen Tattergeist: After (meaning the initial attack won’t benefit from Lances and Devil powers) this creature attacks, change the targets class to Nature for the rest of the battle.
Visuals: Green, brown and white cloth. Looks rather hobo’esque. Possibly has some leaves floating in the art too.

Silken Tattergeist: Your creatures are immune to class changing effects. (The 6th member and “lord” of the family).
Visuals: Purple and gold. Pristine condition and very high quality.

Reason I’d like to see this creature in the game: There’s a lot of effects currently in the game, that benefit from facing off against certain classes. Namely Devils, Lance and Class-Shield artifacts and the Scourge line of spells. But these effects rely a lot on luck, as what you face is ultimately random. This family would help retify that while also giving you something to do with your Cloth Scaps, once you’ve completed your wardrope.

So, got any ideas yourselves?

EDIT: This thread, being a beta-thread, will be replaced by another once the beta ends. Don’t worry though, it won’t get deleted.

Maybe add the creatures that already kind of exist in the game’s lore but are not in-game, like the Fledgling/Greenhorn/Bronze/Gold/Master Imlers and the Awakened Pilwiz that are in Steam badges.