Kreate-A-Kreature Korner

I’m sorry, I’ve been playing too much Donkey Kong Country lately.


So, I notice that every once in awhile someone proposes a new creature (sometimes it’s even not me) and it struck me that the board doesn’t have a specific place to collate those concepts.

Well, here’s the place for it: if you have an idea for a creature (or even just an ability), bring it up here. The basic form is such:


Creature Name - Creature Type (Class)
Ability Name: Ability Effect

I’ll start off!

Mirror Amaranth - Amaranth (Life)
Glimpse of the Self: Any time one of your creature’s Shell effects prevents an attack, the attacker takes damage equal to 20% of its Attack.

Dreadnaught - Carnage (Death)
Flight From Death: A creature with this ability takes 50% less damage from Attack scaling and 50% more from Speed scaling.

Gutter Crawler - Slime (Chaos)
Asymptomatic: At the beginning of each of this creature’s turns, it absorbs any Disease or Infection debuffs from the rest of its team. If it has any Disease or Infection debuffs, it inflicts them on any creature it attacks.

Dragon Philosopher - Dragon (Sorcery)
Ancient Dragon Wisdom: When this creature is attacked, it places one other random enemy creature at the bottom of the action order.

Feral Hunter - Hunter (Nature)
Savage Cunning: This creature’s attack does not deal damage. At the beginning of its target’s next turn, it takes 110% of the damage the attack would have otherwise dealt.

Eternal Traveler - Demigod (Life)
Reincarnation: Dies when attacked. Ressurects itself at 100% life five actions later.

Foreign Cur - Hound (Death)
Wolf Ability - Hybridization: For each creature in your team that is not a Hound, your Wolves grant a 7% bonus to Attack and Speed, per stack.

Hangman Devil - Devil (Chaos)
Lynching: Each successive attack on an enemy creature deals 20% more damage.

Miser Smith - Smith (Sorcery)
Artificer’s Envy: Inverts the stat benefits on any artifact equipped by a creature attacked by this one.

Thunderstorm Aspect - Aspect (Nature)
Crackling Ceremony: Anytime a creature dodges an attack, it inflicts 30% of its Max Health in damage to the attacker.

I’m not the most creative person, but I thought of at least one idea:

Utopia - Stronghold (Sorcery) (having a sort of futuristic appearance compared to other Stronghold class creatures)
Towards The Future: Creature takes halved damage from every successive hit, and is reset when another ally creature is attacked. Creature cannot gain Taunt buff. (so, the creature takes 50% from the second attack in a row, 25% from the third, 12.5% from the fourth, and so on. Disabling Taunt as that would likely make it -too- strong.)

I’m not sure if that would work or if it would be too complex, however.

Edit: It may also be necessary to disable if it is the only creature alive, though there are still a lot of ways it could be killed - this only affects the attack damage itself, nothing from debuffs or abilities would be reduced.

There are some excellent ideas here so far. Keep them coming!

One off the top of my head:

Ravenous Revenant - Carnage (Death)
Soul Food: When this creature kills an enemy, it gain’s that enemy’s default ability for the rest of the battle.

Statwise: emphasis on attack. low luck. average HP and speed.

Creature name is a work in progress but I think the ability name is pure gold. If he kills more than 1 enemy the most recent enemy’s skill will overwrite the skill of the previous, as the RR can only carry one enemy skill at a time. But let’s say he kills a Raven Acolyte and everyone’s HP is reduced by 50%. If he kills a springtime aspect next, he will now have the aspect’s dodge skill but everyone will STILL be at 50% max HP. It’s a rough concept but the ability to steal enemy skills makes this a potentially versatile character, meaning no single battle will ever be truly the same. This adds uncertainty, variety, and excitement to an already exciting system. I’m hoping the developer and many expert and knowledgeable players can expand on this rough concept.

EDIT: Just thought of another one!
Nutritional Slime - Slime (Chaos)
Vitamin D: Every time this creature extracts an enemy core, this creature and all allies still standing gain +20% on all their current defense stats.
Note: This ability stacks for each core extracted.

Statwise: emphasis on speed and luck, average HP, low attack

I just noticed the common theme of these creatures relates to food. Man, I’m hungry.

You’re already covered, MTC, check these two already-implemented creatures out:

Incursion Reaper - Reaper (Death)
Absorption: When an enemy dies, gain that creature’s ability for the rest of the battle.

Mirage Occultist - Occultist (Sorcery)
Clemency: When you successfully extract from a creature, afflict it with Dying. (that creature dies at the beginning of its next turn.)

Good concepts though!

Oh awesome! Thanks for the heads up Vagrant. Does the reaper get the fallen enemy’s ability even though he did not provide the kill? And will he get every ability of each enemy that dies or just the one that died recently (ie if 4 enemies are currently dead will he have all 4 of their abilities)? In your opinion, is the reaper good enough to have on a late game team? My initial thought are that the Incursion Reaper could be a useful addition.

The Reaper gets all abilities from any creature that dies on the other team, regardless of the cause of death. This even includes Gimp Mummy transformations or Death Realm random ressurections.

I think it’s hilarious and definitely fun, but that doesn’t make it reliable, which is my number one requirement for a good team. There are many, many abilities that only function in teamsets, like the various Wolves and minion buffs. More importantly, there are some enemy abilities you may not want to have at all: things like the Frenzy Ghoul (which prevents Defending/Attacking), the Witch Doctor Ritualist (which swaps stats), or the Troll King (which casts Rage on your entire team). It might make a decent enchant at best, but I wouldn’t dedicate a monster to it.

I like the random, but my beef with the Incursion Reaper’s ability is a minor detail of execution:

If you one-hit the enemy squad, and they are not going to resurrect or nuthin so the battle is over, your incursion reaper will stop the action to tell you that it has gained six new abilities, only for the game to immediately announce the battle is over!

[quote=“VagrantSun, post:5, topic:599”]You’re already covered, MTC, check these two already-implemented creatures out:

Incursion Reaper - Reaper (Death)
Absorption: When an enemy dies, gain that creature’s ability for the rest of the battle.

Mirage Occultist - Occultist (Sorcery)
Clemency: When you successfully extract from a creature, afflict it with Dying. (that creature dies at the beginning of its next turn.)

Good concepts though![/quote]

Actually, mirage Occultist doesn’t do anything like what that slime would do, even though some might see her’s as more powerful. I like the vitamin D ability.

Thanks. Just a fun suggestion. I think the ability name is super clever. I just feel creatures that activate ability on extract are underrepresented (I could be wrong since I’m only on tier 7 and have yet to see everybody else). It gives players an incentive to extract cores even from creatures they already have.

My proposed Revenant creature is similar to incursion reaper in that they sap enemy abilities when they die. But gaining the abilities of enemies the revenant specifically kills gives the player control on what ability he wants the revenant to have. As Vagrant pointed out earlier, playing the incursion reaper might give you abilities you might not even want depending on your playstyle. The revenant eliminates that potential chaos and gives the player control, while still keeping his versatility and variety because enemy sets (thus potential abilities) change with each battle. The revenant can only carry one ability at a time, which is the ability of his most recently killed enemy. Some might see it as a advantage or disadvantage, but it does differ slightly from the incursion reaper. Though It might be considered a bit redundant since the core purpose of both their abilities is virtually the same.

Ascendant Monk - Priest (Life)
Bodhisattva: No other creature on this team may be targeted by spells. Spell damage to this creature is incurred as healing.

Skeletal Puppet - Lich Priest (Death)
Motions of the Master: May not take actions. Strikes any target a teammate attacks for 40% normal damage.

Argus - Doomguard (Chaos)
Geas of the Watchman: Attacks may not miss or be redirected.

Tauros Legionnaire - Minotaur (Sorcery)
Phalanx Formation: Grants Protect to its row at the beginning of each of its turns. Protect effect is dispelled if this creature attacks.

Sirocco - Storm (Nature)
Roiling Dust: When this creature defends, it swaps position with one random creature, then has a 50% chance to swap two more random creatures. If successful, 50% chance to continue swapping creatures until the roll fails. Any creature who is reordered gains 10% Speed, Defense, and Dodge for 3 turns.

Cherubim - Angel (Life)
Sacrosanct Domain: Grant Invisible and Shell to the other creature in this column. Lose 20% Health each turn.

Weeping Lady - Banshee (Death)
Weight of Despair: Establishes a Link with any creature that attacks it.

Coral Gargoyle - Gargoyle (Chaos)
Reef Tender: Grants one stack of Seasnakes to its row every time it defends.

Primordial Wyvern - Wyvern (Sorcery)
Predator’s Drive: Creature begins battle with Furystance, and takes 15% damage any time it does not deal damage with an attack.

Grove Maiden - Dryad (Nature)
Daughter of Earth: Grants Treants a 20% bonus to Max Health and Defense. Begins battle with one random Pad effect for each Treant in the party.

Hm…possibly a defensive version of preformation where it converts any incoming attack into the damage type of its highest defense. Might make the specific defense stats to be useful.

Death Realm Ferryman - Reaper (Death)
Room for One More: Has a chance to instantly kill the enemy that deals this creature a death blow based on the percentage of the enemy’s missing HP. If the Reaper’s kill attempt is unsuccessful, he will deal damage to that enemy equal to 40% of the enemy’s current HP.

Void Rune - Amaranth (Life)
Entropy Infusion: When damaged, your creatures gain Barrier equal to the damage dealt instead. When the amount of Barrier exceeds their maximum health, they die.

Scorched Cadaver - Ghoul (Death)
Well Done: When this creature is Burned, it gains 50% Speed and MoltenArmor instead of taking damage.

Ravenous Fiend - Fiend (Chaos)
Glutton: This creature gains 25% of its current Health as Attack.

Augurey - Phoenix (Sorcery)
Rain Unending: This creature and any others in its column are cured of status effects at the end of their turns.

Headless Horseman - Hunter (Nature)
Pursuer of the Prey: Deals 40% more damage for each action target creature has taken in this battle.

Kelpie - Unicorn (Life)
Drowned Steed: This creature grants each creature in its row a bonus to Speed equal to its own, but deals 5% damage to them each time they attack.

Marrow Crawler - Skeleton (Death)
Steal Skin: This creature’s Maximum Health is equal to the highest Maximum Health on the opposing team.

Glistening Orb - Slime (Chaos)
Non-Neutonian: Takes 40% damage from attacks, and 200% from status.

Exiled Occultist - Occultist (Sorcery)
Heresy: Takes 30% damage each time a spell is cast, then negates it.

Hunchback Giant - Giant (Nature)
Crushing Grasp: Attacks deal damage to Maximum Health.

Dragon Tyrant - Dragon (Sorcery)
Ability: Tyrant’s Rage - After attacking, all enemy targets loses 10% Attack and Speed and Dragon Tyrant gains 30% Attack and speed of the total amount enemy’s lost

Base Stats:
43 Health
29 Attack
17 Speed
13 Luck
16 Life, Nature
18 Sorcery
17 Chaos
15 Death

Wyvern Scorchfang - Wyvern (Sorcery)
Ability: Molten Inferno - After attacking, blasts a inferno fireball that explodes dealing 5-20% to each enemy creatures maximum health.
Base Stats
38 Health
32 Attack
21 Speed
15 Luck
8 Life , Death
18 Nature
19 Sorcery
20 Chaos

I would love to see something like that. I am currently on tier 24 and sadly not a single dragon / Wyvern is built for damage type abilities which saddens me. Totally would love to see these.

Brownie Bully: (Nature or Chaos)

Insulting Rage: This creature always has taunt and wrath

Suggested stats: high hp, high atk, low spd, medium luck.

I think always wrath will offset some of the bonus with always taunt, since you cannot combine it with other skills used when defending or provoking, thus reducing it from too op (i think). It would also make this a differnet kind of “tank”. If it is still too powerful, one could add in 10% current hp loss per round or something.

Made the creature a brownie because I really like the sprite for them and I could easily imagine one of them being a bully. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jetboosted Pilwiz - Nature

Ability: Mach 5 - This creature gets two turns if its Speed is double all enemy creatures, and three turns if its Speed is quadruple all enemy creatures.

[Not sure if this would be balanced or not, but I was thinking about how to make a concept for a creature that would get multiple turns in a row via raw speed.]

Owl Occultist - Sorcery

Ability: Confound - Creature deals extra damage equal to 3 times its Experience percentage to its next level.

[More of another weird concept, but I don’t know if any creatures interact with experience in this way. It would be useless on enemy monsters, but at least one ability already is.]

Raven Deceiver - Sorcery

Ability: False Security - Enemy creatures you encounter will have 20% lower levels. (as if your team was a lower level)

[Not sure if this would be feasible in the engine, but has an interesting thematic effect.]

Name: Grimoire(s).
Class: Sorcery.
General purpose: To make magic builds more feasible.
General abilities: Casts free random spells from a select list when defending. The spells are dependent on what Grimoire is casting them and they scale with your Spell Power.
General stats: Decent speed, very high defenses against “its” school and average health. Horrible attack though.
Design: An enchanted spellbook which hovers slightly above ground.

Example Grimoires:

Grimoire of Wizardry: Whenever this creature defends it casts a random Sorcery spell for free. Targets are chosen at random. (Restricted to, for instance: Invisibility, Mass Dispell, Haste, Blur, Mind Storm).

Grimoire of Pyromancy: Whenever this creature defends it casts a random Chaos spell for free. Targets are chosen at random. (Restricted to, for instance: Fire Bolt, Fireball, Immolation Aura, Villify, Chaos Bolt).

Grimoire of Grudges: Whenever this creature defends it casts a random Scourge spell at an appropriate random target, chosen at random. (Scourge of Nature, Life, Death, Chaos, Sorcery).

Archmage’s Grimoire: Increases your Spell Power by 100, or 15%, whichever is higher.

Healer’s Handjournal: Whenever this creature defends it casts a random healing spell. Targets are chosen at random. (Restricted to, for instance: Major Healing, Mass Healing, Ressurection, Nourish, Mass Antidote).

Because only having one spellbook is boring.

First I’d like to thank Thylacine Studios for creating this masterpiece. Games with this much depth are extremely rare. I just discovered this game recently on Steam and am having a great time. Now on to my ideas. I’ve only unlocked creature level 11 thus far, so hopefully I’m not recreating the wheel.

This is actually a set of creatures:

Sadomasochist - (Death)
Stygian Lash: At the start of this creature’s turn, transfer its debuffs to a random enemy. 50% chance for this effect to continue bouncing to additional enemies, and can bounce multiple times.

Sanguine Masochist - (Life)
Blood Lash: At the start of this creature’s turn, remove its debuffs. Gain 20% maximum health for each debuff removed.

Favored Masochist - (Chaos)
Blessed Lash: At the start of this creature’s turn, remove its debuffs. Gain a random buff for each debuff removed.

Lurid Masochist - (Nature)
Seductive Lash: At the start of this creature’s turn, remove its debuffs. Gain a random summon for each debuff removed.

Witch Masochist - (Sorcery)
Arcane Lash: At the start of this creature’s turn, remove its debuffs. Add a charge to a random spellbook spell for each debuff removed.

Those are really good ideas, SoulStorm. They might need some slight adjustments for the sake of balance but the premise behind them is excellent.

I’ve been making notes about all the other suggestions here as well; there are a lot of great ideas being posted here, so please keep them coming!