Leaderboard for Daily Realm

I would like to see a top ten list of people who have cleared the Daily Realm, showing the name of the King or Queen and their clear streak. That way, I can see how others are going, not just the top gun.

As you get ready for awards and acheivements and whatnot for Steam, I think some leaderboards for highest clear streak, highest realm visited, highest arena battle won would all be fun additions.

This would definitely be awesome. I’m planning to start collecting a lot more information about players (anonymously, and only with each players’ permission) so that I can start displaying statistics like the ones you mentioned. My only concern is that players will cheat to get higher up on the leaderboard, so I need to figure out a way to prevent (or hinder) that from happening.

Awesome! Well you are free to use my info for such epic means! Lol

What, there are ways to cheat? I’m a pro game hacker, and aside from changing save info, which requires I root my tablet(won’t do it), I don’t see any opportunity to even power lvl of glitches. Zack you see a lot more than us, but I promise I look for these things hard. Its innate since yoshis island to do this. You built this game well enough that the worst glitches crash the game and the best do nothing. I see no glitches or other methods so far that offer bonuses. Keep it up.

It’s pretty easy to change things like creature stats and resources, or freeze your creatures’ health (“godmode”) using a memory editor. So my concern is that people will just do that and blast their way to an extremely high Daily Realm level to climb their way to the top of the leaderboard. Right now, I don’t care if people cheat because it doesn’t adversely affect other players, but a leaderboard would change that dynamic.

I see, really it would take a decently dedicated individual to do this. Rooting the system, and memory checking all the locations to get the proper info. Sad waste of time in my opinion, but life has all sorts. I personally think it removes the point of playing the game to do that.

Thanks for considering this. My gaming scene is basically iOS and the rampant cheating in Game Center has really ruined it for everybody. I’ve seen devs manually remove cheaters from the top, but it shouldn’t be that way. Devs have better things to do!